The best of Yaowarat food

The best of Yaowarat food If talking about Yaowarat In addition to the largest ethnic Chinese community in Thailand and a charming way of life. It must be said that with the food that everyone I want to go to Chinatown to find delicious food to eat. There are almost every line of the road. And each place is all delicious restaurants. Which if taking all of them, I have to say that it’s a lot If you can’t choose, we will select you loudly. Let’s try to taste each other.

Nai Ek Noodle Shop Hot noodles, big noodles, Teochew recipe, crispy pork, bouncy meat, delicious, crunchy, and plenty of ingredients. Clear soup, but intense and intense flavor with the smell of spices and pepper. There are also other menus such as crispy pork rice, stewed bamboo pulp soup with Chinese medicine, pork blood soup, etc.

want to eat chicken rice Come to Chinatown, you must eat Hainanese Chicken Rice at Tai Heng Restaurant. You will get tender chicken in Hainanese style. There are also other interesting menus such as Hainanese rice noodles, dried beef suki, etc.

Lod Chong Singapore A refreshing sweetness that is not available in Singapore but in Thailand. and only at Yaowarat Located in the Charoen Krung intersection area. The deliciousness lies in the soft, chewy Lod Chong noodles made day by day. with sweet coconut milk It’s a sweet snack to eat while it’s hot. This is good.

Hua Seng Hong, the old and original shop of Chinatown with a variety of menus and every menu is delicious There are also many branches in Bangkok, but if you want to come to Chinatown, you must come to the original branch. There are many traditional Chinese dishes such as dim sum, red fish maw, Peking duck and many other Chinese dishes. Dim Sum is really good, even if you don’t eat at the restaurant, you can take it home to eat.

Emerald red pork rice Red pork rice, soft texture, not dry, not sticky. Crispy Pork Belly with delicious emerald-colored gravy with medium boiled egg It is a red pork rice restaurant that has been in the hearts of Yaowarat people for more than 70 years. Anyone who comes to taste it must forget the original red pork rice that they used to eat.

Hoi Tod Texas Yaowarat We will meet with big fried hoi that is not just the spirit of shellfish anymore. which are very big and fresh clams plus a special recipe of flour that is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside The oatmeal also had a mouth full of oysters. Lettuce snacks are delicious. It has become a legendary fried oyster restaurant in the Yaowarat area.

want to be full Must try Chap Kang Noodles, Yaowarat, a large bowl of wonton noodles packed with whole noodles. Huge dumplings a lot of red pork Whoever comes to eat, don’t forget to have room for your stomach as well. Let’s just say that someone is hungry. One bowl of noodles can handle it.